Michigan State Broad College of Business Overview

Introduction of Business School & MBA Program

This well-structured program places emphasis on business pursuits relevant to its location. The Broad College of Business promotes teamwork amongst students; and teachers are said to act as mentors and assist students in both projects and career ventures.

Fields of Expertise

Relevant to Michigan, it's no surprise that Broad's most thriving areas of study are Supply Chain Management and Marketing Technology. These programs promote logical and strategic thinking with a focus on manufacturing operations, logistics, and purchasing. Other strong areas of study included Human Resources Management and Finance.

Career Services Group

One of the school's most prized resources is it's Career Services Group. Students utilize this service to gain access and eventual employment to major companies including Intel, IBM, and Ford.

Small Size

Broad's small size and the access of it's students to professors are two distinctive advantages that an applicant should consider. Getting to know your classmates well and being able to have in-depth interaction with professors are both invaluable qualities for an MBA experience.

New Emphasis on Team Work

In recent years, Broad has placed great emphasis on the importance of teamwork. Efforts to encourage collaboration begin at orientation when students are placed in project teams.


MBA Application Elements - Michigan State Broad

GMAT Score

The average GMAT score for full-time students in recent years was 638, with 80% of full-time students scoring between 561-719.


Applicants must complete an application for Admission prior to scheduling an interview. Broad College of Business contacts applicants to schedule an interview once their applications are received and reviewed. It is important to note that only those applicants who the school is considering for admission will be granted interviews.

Broad can conduct interviews either over the phone or in-person. As is true of must MBA programs, if you can make the trip to campus for the interview, it would be a great way to get a feel for like on campus and in East Lansing.

Essay Tips

With two mandatory short essays, the Broad application makes it more difficult for candidates to differentiate themselves from each other. As such, it is important that your baseline statistics (GMAT and GPA) are close to those of the current MBA class.

Sample Essays

Examples of the two mandatory essay prompts previously used by Broad:

  • "Explain your short-term and long-term career goals. How will the MBA degree and specifically Michigan State's Broad Full-Time MBA Program help you achieve these goals? Please address why you believe now is the appropriate time to pursue graduate management education as a part of your response." (Maximum of 750 words)
  • "A central theme of the MBA program at the Eli Broad Graduate School of Management is 'hands-on leadership'. We expect our students to be future leaders and to begin using their leadership skills while in the program. Please describe what this means to you as a potential student at the Broad School." (Maximum of 750 words)

Michigan State MBA Program - Key Statistics

o Full-Time Enrollment: 176
o Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.24
o Average GMAT Score: 638
o Acceptance Rate: 36.2%
o Average Starting Salary and Bonus: $94,826
o Full-Time Graduates Employed at Graduation: 70.9%
o Average Age of New Entrants: 28
o Average Work Experience: Approximately 4 years
o Full-Time Tuition: In-State: $24,900; Out-of-State: $39,500
o Part-Time Program
o Executive Education Program
o Admissions Website: mba.broad.msu.edu/admissions/