ESADE Business School Overview

Introduction of Business School & MBA Program

ESADE offers graduate programs in both Law and Management at main campuses in Barcelona and Buenos Aires. ESADE was founded in 1958 by a group of visionary entrepreneurs. The school offers two full-time MBA programs at its man campus in Barcelona: 1) An 18-month program geared for students with any undergraduate degree and at least two years of work experience; and 2) A one-year program for more experienced students with undergraduate degrees related to Economics and Business Administration.

Evolving Curriculum

ESADE revises its curriculum and three times every decade to stay up to date with student demand and current events in the global market place. ESADE offers a broad range of electives in the following areas: Finance, Marketing, Operations and Innovation, Business Policy, Human Resources, Information Systems, and Social Sciences.

Small Class Size

The 18-month track has just 120 students split into two classes, while the one-year program has 30 students. It should come as no surprise that ESADE is a great option for individuals who are looking for a program where guidance and strong faculty support is a priority. In addition to the small class size boasted at ESADE, diversity is also abundant within the student body.


MBA Application Elements - ESADE Business School

GMAT Score

The average GMAT score among recent admitted students is roughly 670.


Interviews are required of all applicants in order to be offered admission.

Letters of Recommendation

Two professional recommendations are required of all MBA applicants.

Sample Application Essays

  1. Write a brief explanation of your most important professional and personal achievements to date (2000 characters maximum)
  2. What do you consider your most powerful strength or asset? Describe a situation whee you demonstrated this strength or asset. (2000 characters maximum)
  3. If you could pick the one quality that characterizes a good leader, which would you choose and why? (2000 characters maximum)
  4. What are your mid-and long-term goals after doing the MBA? (2000 characters maximum)