Manhattan GRE (New York | NYC) Prep Course

New York GRE Prep Instructor

Our New York GRE instuctor holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Operations Research and Engineering of Management Systems from Columbia University, where he graduated in 2006. After completing his studies there, he entered the esteemed Post-Baccalaureate program At the University of Pennsylvania, where his GPA was an impressive 3.8. Currently he is preparing to enter medical school, having worked as a research coordinator and lab manager, a clinical research assistant and a database administrator & web developer. His impressive 1510 GRE score reflects his ambition and motivation to succeed, and his GRE courses are structured around the very same strategies that he has developed in order to accomplish his objectives.

New York GRE Teacher & Tutor

Our New York GRE instructor has over 5 years of professional GRE tutoring experience. She achieved a perfect GRE Verbal score (170) and 165 on Math. Her students have graduated from prestigious schools such as Columbia, Oxford, Harvard, and Georgetown, have worked at distinguished firms such as McKinsey, Citibank Wealth Management, Credit Suisse, and Lehman Brothers, and have gone on to MBA programs at Columbia, NYU, Harvard, University of Michigan, Carnegie Mellon, Duke and Wharton. She graduated with Honors in Economics from Skidmore College. When not teaching GRE students, she also works as a writer and choreographer.


GRE Course Student Review (Manhattan | NYC)

I am very satisfied with my GRE teacher. Marc is very professional and knowledgeable as well as patient beyond belief with me. I give him a 5 out of 5 rating!


GRE Student Review (New York City)

My GRE private tutoring sessions with Ian were great! Ian was friendly, personal and good-natured. He took any frustrations I may have had on the chin and was willing to humor my thought process at all turns. The formatting--the layout of formula to examples to shortcuts to practice was very effective and allowed me to internalize the information presented quickly and retain it long after the lesson. Thanks Ian!


Recent Grad School Admissions Student Success

Test Prep Student Testimonial: GMAT GRE LSAT TOEFL SAT ACT MCAT

"My experience with Tom was extremely positive, and I ended up getting accepted to all three schools that I applied to (with scholarship/fellowship offers to Minnesota and Boston College). I would highly recommend using Tom’s services to anyone, as he seems to have a strong passion for Admissions Consulting. Tom helped ease my nerves about the Admissions process, and ended up being a crucial asset for my application process. Also, I like that he is very upfront and honest when dealing with students (at least in my experience with him). I feel that Tom can help with applications to pretty much any type of graduate program, he seems to generally know what any kind of program would want to see in a candidate."

To register or for more information please email us at For more recent admissions success stories, please visit Student Admissions Testimonial page.

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40,000+ teaching hours. Structured and effective.
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GRE Long Course (In-Person)

  • Regular Price: US$1199
  • Promotional Price: US$1099, 14-day in advance
  • 6 weekends or 8 weekdays (once a week), 28 hours
  • Typical Class Time: 6:30-10:00pm on Weekdays, 2-6:30pm on Weekends
  • Course Location: See Tentative Venue & Map on this page

GRE Long Course (Online)

  • Regular Price: US$899
  • Promotional Price: US$849, 14-day in advance
  • 6 weekends or 8 weekdays (once a week), 28 hours
  • Typical Class Time: 6:30-10:00pm on Weekdays, 2-6:30pm on Weekends


GRE Intensive: In-Person/Online

  • Regular Price: US$1650
  • Promotional Price: US$1550, 14-day in advance
  • 1 week, 28 hours, 7 sessions
  • Typical Class Time: 6:30-10:00pm on Weekdays, daytime on Weekends
  • Course Location: See Tentative Venue & Map on this page

GRE Crash Course (In-Person/Online)

  • Regular Price: US$950
  • Promotional Price: US$850, 14-day in advance
  • 1 Weekend, 16 hours, 2 sessions
  • Typical Class Time: 9am-1pm, 2-6pm (Sat & Sun Local Time)



GRE Course Details

GRE Long Course Summary from Manhattan Elite Prep
  • Included for Free: Books (ETS' Official GRE Study Guide Complete with Real Exams), Five Challenging Online Practice Tests; (Computer Adaptive Tests), Unlimited Class Access, Digital Guides Collection (Test Fee Excluded)
  • Mix of lectures and exercises in each session; ample time allotted for answering sample questions and receiving personalized attention from the instructors
  • Structured to benefit both novice and expert test-takers
  • In-depth analyses of successful strategies to arrive at correct solutions
  • Free Access to Online Live Class Recordings
  • Free Admissions Consultation
  • Unlimited Support via Email, Chat & Phone (7 days a week; all messages will be returned as soon as possible within 24 hours)
  • Within 24-48 hours after your payment, you will receive an email with a questionnaire, digital course links, score improvement advice, and more so that you can start prepping for the test with us right away! Instructor bios and testimonials available upon request.
  • US$200 study with friends/refer a friend: $100 off each person



Upcoming GRE Prep Long Courses (In-Person/Online)

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  • Oct 30, 2022-Dec 04, 2022 (SUN)
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GRE Prep Intensive (In-Person/Online) + Crash Courses (In-Person/Online)

intensive Courses

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  • Oct 15, 2022-Oct 21, 2022 (SATDY)
  • Oct 22, 2022-Oct 28, 2022 (SATDY)
  • Oct 29, 2022-Nov 04, 2022 (SATDY)
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crash Courses

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  • Oct 15, 2022-Oct 16, 2022 (SATDY)
  • Oct 22, 2022-Oct 23, 2022 (SATDY)
  • Oct 29, 2022-Oct 30, 2022 (SATDY)
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  • Nov 19, 2022-Nov 20, 2022 (SATDY)
  • Nov 26, 2022-Nov 27, 2022 (SATDY)
Fewer Courses

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Our highly effective GRE Instructors have the expertise to help you achieve a top score on your exam!

"Marc was an excellent instructor in my GRE Prep Course, very organized and patient. He did a great job helping me improve my math score and with the analytical writing sections. I strongly recommend him. I had an excellent experience working with Marc on identifying my strengths and weaknesses. He has been patient and very flexible with my schedule. I strongly recommend Manhattan Elite Prep for a GRE Prep course."

- Felipe K. (5 out of 5 Rating on Google Review)

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New York - Address

Manhattan Elite Prep - New York NYC | Manhattan Class Location

521 5th Ave -- 17th Floor

New York, NY 10175

Tel: (646) 873-6656


Mon-Fri: 8:30 AM-10 PM
Sat/Sun: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

  • Take the 4, 5, 6, 7, or S train to 42nd Street Grand Central Station, then walk north to 43rd street, then west towards Park Avenue.
  • Take the B, D, F, M, or 7 to 42nd Street Bryant Park, then walk north to 43rd street and east towards 5th Avenue.
  • Take the 1, 2, 3, N, Q, R, S, A, C, E to 42nd Street - Times Square, then walk north to 43rd street and east towards 6th Ave (7th Ave if you took the A C E and are exiting near Port Authority)
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Manhattan Elite Prep's Advantages

GRE Prep Time Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness

  • The most limiting factor in GRE preparation for people is time.
  • Our preparation is tailored for busy professionals. We will teach you what you need to know in the least amount of time.
  • It takes significantly more teaching experience and techniques to prepare a student in less time.
  • Our high-quality and dedicated instructors are committed to helping every student reach her/his goals.

Most Value-Added GRE Course Pack

  • Our Better Score Guarantee: Unlimited Online Class Repeats & Advice
  • Five Challenging Online Computer Adaptive Tests
  • ETS’s The Official GRE Study Guide complete with 7 real exams
  • Real ETS Official Guide questions; Comprehensive Class Handouts

Why GRE Prep Online

Why GRE Prep Online Course with Manhattan Elite Prep
  • Ideal for students located anywhere around the world
  • Best simulation of the test-taking experience in front of a computer screen
  • We utilize Live Whiteboard Teaching Technology as opposed to pre-made slide presentations, facilitating true interactive online learning.
  • REAL-TIME communication with instructor via speaking, writing and sharing a whiteboard, regardless of internet speed. This is made possible through our partnership with WebEx, the leader in online training centers.
  • Post-class review possible through on-demand high-quality recorded sessions to focus on selected topics
  • Minimal travel time with no worries about weather or traffic
  • Ease of participation anywhere you find conducive to studying

GRE Prep Course Schedule: 8-Sessions (Long or Crash Courses)

  • Arithmetic; Statistics
  • Algebra; Word Problems
  • Geometry pt. 1 - Angles & Polygons & Coordinates; Graphs & Data Analysis
  • Geometry pt. 2 - Circles & 3D Figures; Probability & Combinatorics
  • Reading Comprehension
  • GRE Vocabulary
  • Text Completion
  • Sentence Equivalence; Analytical Writing

GRE Course Schedule: 6/7 Sessions (Long or Intensive Courses)

  • Arithmetic; Statistics; Algebra; Word Problems
  • Geometry pt.1 - Angles & Polygons & Coordinates; Graphs & Data Analysis
  • Geometry pt. 2 - Circles & 3D Figures; Probability & Combinatorics
  • GRE Vocabulary A-L; Reading Comprehension
  • GRE Vocabulary M-Z; Text Completion
  • Sentence Equivalence; Analytical Writing
  • Review Session (for intensive course)