TOEFL Independent Essay Writing: Useful Words

In terms of the independent essay, we are not so much citing sources as we are trying to link our ideas together. While it’s true you are giving specific examples and, of course, example phrases and words will prove to be useful, your independent essay is significantly longer than your integrated essay and involves not only a strong opinion/thesis statement, but also often times personal examples.

Transitional Words

When linking ideas, try your best to use different “connecting words.” You don’t always want to use “and” throughout the course of your essay, so here are some other suggestions, with many more options out there, when trying to link ideas in your writing.





Persuasive Words

Since your independent essay is a persuasive one with the sole purpose of expressing an opinion with supporting arguments, keep in mind using strong words to emphasize your point is crucial in writing an effective essay.

Here are some suggestions of words to emphasize your point.





In the end, strong writing on the TOEFL independent essay section requires you to display unity, coherence and an advanced understanding of both question prompts.  Adding variety to your word choice will also help along the way!