TOEFL Integrated Essay Writing: Useful Words

When writing either your independent or integrated TOEFL essay, keep in mind there are certain words that will make your writing come across as more academic and intelligent. Coherence is essential for getting a high score on the writing section. Often times there are specific words you can try to incorporate in your essay that will make your essay easier to read.

Perhaps the most difficult thing on the integrated essay is connecting ideas. After all, you are connecting ideas from both a reading passage and an academic lecture. As we know, sometimes the information from both sources is contradictory and sometimes similar. Several hints and corresponding words for your integrated essay would be:

Utilizing Citations

Always tell the reader where your information is coming from. For instance, is the information you are comparing or contrasting from the reading or listening? It’s important the grader knows that you know which is which. When presenting information from either, keep in mind you should add some variety to your citations.

Examples of Proper Referencing

  • “According to the lecture…”
  • “The reading states…”
  • “According to the speaker/lecturer….”
  • “The reading made the point that….”

Remember to alternate how you quote your sources. Otherwise your essays can get repetitive and come across as not very sophisticated.

Variation within Paragraphs is Paramount

When showing examples, keep in mind variety is also key. After all, examples are the bulk of your information. So when presenting them in your essay, don’t forget to “mix it up.”

Examples of Alternative Options

Here are some ways you can do so, with many more options out there.

  • “For instance…”
  • “As an example…”
  • “In addition…”
  • “Also…”

Using variety in your integrated essay with how you cite your sources and give your examples will make for more interesting reading and can only help you attain the highest TOEFL score possible.