How to get 170+ on the LSAT

Whether or not you retake the LSAT is highly personal choice. While there is a chance that you can raise your score, your score may also be the same or lower after your retake. This being said, if you have enough time and the ability to study for another administration, it can be very helpful for you to attempt to raise your LSAT score, as the higher your LSAT score is the more likely you are to be granted admission into a law school.

If you want to retake the LSAT, take note of our retake tips below for the best results.

Change Your LSAT Study Methods

For students that have previously taken the LSAT, it can be helpful to switch up your study methods to something that is more effective for your learning style. You should be able to gauge from your previous test what worked and what didn't, so now is the time to re-evaluate your study methods and begin the preparation process with a renewed studying technique.

Target Weaknesses

During previous LSAT administrations and practice tests, you may have been able to narrow down what your weakest subjects are. You should focus on these question types and work on understanding them because even a few additional correct questions can be incredibly helpful in improving your overall LSAT score. An LSAT prep course or tutor can also help you identify your weakest LSAT areas and ensure you focus on the right subjects during the preparation process.

Leave Ample Study Time for the LSAT

It is important to leave ample study time before your retake of the LSAT. Cramming information or trying to fit studying into your schedule when there is no room for it will surely only lead to burnout and not a lot of improvement. Make sure when signing up for a retake that you select a date far enough in the future that you have time to prepare and make sure that you are completely ready to raise your LSAT score on test day.

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