LSAT Students And MBTI Personality Type?

Knowing your specific personality type and under what circumstances you produce the highest quality work puts you at a substantial advantage academically. As you take different classes and have professors with different teaching styles, you have to take different steps to adjust and become a better College student. Know your specific personality trait will guide you to taking these steps.

Why Law School may be the Best Path for Thinking Personality Types

Thinking types act according to their own logic or what they believe to be the logical choice at the time. They are very analytical and often critique certain things to solve a particular problem. They strive to find a standard or principle that they can apply in repeat situations. Most importantly, they value fairness. They are terrific problem solvers. Thinking people learn best when information is presented in a logical, orderly fashion. They also benefit from close interaction with their professors. I would recommend thinking people take the LSAT exam and pursue a career in law where they will be able to concentrate their efforts to ensuring fairness.

Are you a Feeling Personality Type?

Feeling types look for a personal connection to classroom material; they enjoy working in groups as long as individual relationships develop and need to develop a personal rapport with the instructor. Let’s consider a college student who is enrolled in a premedical course and planning to take the MCAT. The average class size of an introductory biology class is between one hundred and three hundred students. In these classes, the students have very little interaction with the professor. A feeling type would be at a serious disadvantage in this class. Fortunately, most colleges have an honor’s program where class sizes are significantly smaller. Although the honor’s program is more challenging, it is the right option for a feeling type individual. The class structure isn’t as rigid as the larger class and students get to know each other and their professor on a more personal level.

Do you aspire to become a Teacher?

You may be a Judging Type Personality Judging types like to live in a planned, orderly way, seeking to regulate and manage their lives. They need to make their own decisions and tend to be structure and organized. They meet deadline, like planning, and prefer to work on only one thing at a time. They learn best with structure, clean instructions, and consistency. I think a good fit for this personality type would involve some sort of role as a teacher, where they could be in charge of creating structured lessons plans and managing the lives of their students.

Are you a Procrastinator?

You may be a Perceiving Personality Type Perceiving types are spontaneous, and don’t like to be boxed in by deadlines or plans. They often postpone what they are doing to seek more information. Consequently, they prefer to stay open to new information and last-minute options. They are very flexible and have trouble completing tasks. Their biggest problem is procrastination. Perceiving types like choices and work best when particular tasks make sense to them. A career as a writer or musical artist matches most closely with this personality type. As a writer, these students will have a lot of flexibility with their work and will have few deadlines.

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