Microsoft Word Courses & Tutoring Overview

Microsoft Word is arguably the single most sophisticated text document-creating tool on the market. Very few business or individuals are using anything but Microsoft products for productivity and education. With Microsoft word you can create text documents that include pictures and graphs; you can also create web pages and integrate web content into your document like hyperlinks and HTML. There are formatting tools to improve the look of your text for presentation and organization purposes: You can write papers and divide it into columns to cut down on page length, create a table of contents to easily reference disparate portions of your document, insert symbols and even comments for editing purposes. You can track changes and highlight text in different colors for those documents that travel around the office to different personnel to be edited before it hits the press.

There are also many, many more features that are easy to use that you probably did not know about! With our course, you will learn how to use them and when to use them to dazzle your boss with a beautifully formatted research document. We will also cover keystrokes and short cuts to maximize productivity and avoid hunting through Word’s many menus and submenus.