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Based in New York City (NYC), Manhattan Elite Prep offers TOEFL online test prep classes and online tutoring services. We also have expert online teachers for all major TOEFL sections including Reading, Writing, Speaking & Listening.

Our online TOEFL teachers help students achieve their best score in online test preparation classes. We offer online test prep courses for the TOEFL, among other tests. For TOEFL test prep students pursuing an online TOEFL class we allow for maximum flexibility by providing them with immediate and unlimited access to our online library. For TOEFL students, test preparation courses can be expensive, so we are always sure to have online TOEFL instructors available at affordable rates.

We know that certain regions attract different types of professionals. If you are engaged in a high-paced work environment with limited time to study, in places such as Denver (CO), Irvine (LA) and Charlotte (NC), our TOEFL online one-week intensive course may be perfect for you. Similarly, in places such as College Park (MD), Washington DC, Minneapolis (MN), New Brunswick (NJ) and Philadelphia (PA), our TOEFL online multi-week Long Course is designed to reflect the college student's schedule. In short, from Orlando (FL) to Portland, and every city in between, our TOEFL online course and tutoring preparation options can cater to any student's needs and requirements.

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