Manhattan Elite Prep TOEFL Guide Book

We have dedicated significant resources to creating our proprietary materials, which have received frequent compliments from our students. We continue to perfect our course materials and update and expand them on an on-going basis. Please call or email us at to purchase either our course materials and/or any of the other TOEFL guide books .

All our exclusive internally developed course books are single spaced, double sided, thus giving you the most for your dollars.

TOEFL Study Guides

If in-person or online TOEFL tutoring through Manhattan Elite Prep is not a possibility for you, study guides for this exam are critical.  Many students often are confused as to what medium to pursue in regards to a TOEFL study guide: textbook, audio CDs, Internet practice program or computer-based practice tests and quizzes. It’s highly recommended that you get some practice with this exam on a computer, since most of you will be taking the iBt version, which is solely computer-based.  After all, reading an academic article on a monitor is a very different experience from reading on regular paper.  Often times, it’s easier to get lost in our reading when we read on the computer, in addition we tend to slow down.  Even if you are just reading encyclopedia articles online, it will be useful practice for you in the long run.
In regards to TOEFL study books, here are some options for you with comprehensive breakdowns to help you find your way in the bookstore!

TOEFL Test Preparation Strategy

The English texts in the TOEFL Reading section are typically collected from textbooks and course materials, while the main tested topics in the TOEFL Listening, Speaking and Writing sections include lectures and interactive classes, labs, office hours, study groups, everyday service interactions (for example, at the bookstore or registrar's office).

Although the TOEFL exam is largely a test of language ability, there are certain test-taking strategies that will ensure that you do your best on the exam. You can improve your English and your TOEFL score through expanding your vocabulary, listening and watching educational software programs, and concentrating on areas of grammar and usage that are particularly difficult for you. Read, listen, speak, and write more, take some specialized courses, and always learn from your mistakes!

Remember that the actual exam is on the computer. For many test-takers, this is not easy because reading large amounts of material on the screen not only dries out their eyes but makes it hard to absorb the material. Simply practice reading on the computer.