Manhattan Elite Prep TOEFL Guide Book

We have dedicated significant resources to creating our proprietary materials, which have received frequent compliments from our students. We continue to perfect our course materials and update and expand them on an on-going basis. Please call or email us at to purchase either our course materials and/or any of the other TOEFL guide books.

All our exclusive internally developed course books are single spaced, double sided, thus giving you the most for your dollars.

The Official Guide to the TOEFL Test

The Official Guide from ETS just went through an overhaul and is now in the Fifth Edition. Since ETS is the maker of the TOEFL exam, their book contains questions taken straight from previous TOEFL tests. The accompanying CD-ROM contains three authentic practice TOEFL tests, as well as additional speaking and listening prep tools. No TOEFL preparation is complete without this guide from the actual test-makers!

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