GRE Reviews by Our Students: Online Prep

Online GRE Student Review (Atlanta | Georgia)

My experience with my GRE tutor Elizabeth has been extremely positive and beneficial thus far. Elizabeth was super engaging the whole time and was really good at checking in to make sure I was getting what I wanted out to the sessions. She was very helpful, set up a very strong independent mental process of how I will answer verbal tests questions from now on. Very methodical, which lessened my anxiety as I read and answer questions. I really enjoyed how she had me try to conquer questions on my own first and then walked me through the incorrect AND correct answers. She not only explained why I was wrong, but also made sure that I understood why I was RIGHT when I was right. I am feeling way more confident in the verbal section of the test now and I know what I have to do to improve even more from where I am at. Overall it has been a great experience!


Online GRE Student Review (Boston | Massachusetts)

My GRE instructor Lindsay was very attentive to the specific needs I had. He was flexible and adaptive. All of the GRE exam topics were well covered in our sessions and Lindsay was an excellent tutor. He always came very well prepared to our sessions and was quick to respond. Overall I would rate my tutoring sessions with Lindsay as a 5 out of 5 or excellent! Thanks Lindsay.


Online GRE Student Review (Chicago | Illinois)

My GRE private tutoring sessions with Nate went quite well. He started from scratch and made sure I understood everything. When I did not understand, he found a new way to make it easier for me. Nate helped me review math that I could not remember from college. The administrative staff from Manhattan Elite Prep was very helpful and quick to respond.


Online GRE Student Review (Dallas | Texas)

My GRE Math tutoring with Monica was excellent! I went into the sessions wanting to use tutoring as a refresher course in math and I was completely satisfied! Monica was great at explaining any question I had, and was always super supportive when I needed help. I enjoyed her approach to explaining things to me, it really helped. Monica, thank you so much for being a great tutor!


Online GRE Student Review (Houston | Texas)

Hi Adam,

Hope you're doing well! I apologize for not getting in touch sooner - I had to move back to India due to a personal issue and have been here for about two months. I took the GRE two weeks ago and scored the following:

Verbal: 156

Quantitative: 157

Writing: 5

I really appreciate all of your time and effort in helping me! : )


Online GRE Student Review (Los Angeles | California)

My GRE private tutoring sessions with Conrad were excellent! Conrad always came very well prepared to our tutoring sessions and it was clear he really knew the GRE exam and what to prepare me for. He was a big help in preparing me for my GRE exam. He was able to help me work though all my weaknesses and he was also very accommodating to fit my schedule. I really liked the scheduling flexibility of the private 1-on-1 classes. All of the topics were well covered and the materials included were very helpful as well. The administrative staff at Manhattan Elite Prep was great. They were very helpful in finding an excellent private tutor for my GRE prep.

-Maram A.

Online GRE Student Review (Miami | Florida)

I was assigned Adam as a tutor through Manhattan Elite Prep and he was amazing. Here I was, 10+ years out of college and never really great with math to begin with, trying to learn this monstrous amount of information in a very short amount of time. Adam was patient, helpful, and explained things as many times as I needed for them to sink in. I was so anxious about the GRE, and Adam helped calm many of those anxieties. I did very well on my essays and qualitative portions. I did well enough on the quantitive, considering how long it'd been since I'd done more than calculated a tip on a dinner bill. Thanks to Adam's help, I did well enough on my GRE to be accepted to my graduate school of choice! I couldn't recommend him enough!

-Coleman O.

Online GRE Student Review (Newport Beach | California)

My GRE tutor Yujia helped me to achieve my GRE prep goals. She did a good job at focusing the sessions on my individual GRE prep needs. All of the GRE exam topics were well-covered and Yujia always came very well prepared to our tutoring sessions. She was quick to respond to my texts and emails to schedule sessions. It was clear Yujia was very knowledgeable About the GRE exam and she used her expertise to help me prepare for my upcoming GRE test. 


Online GRE Student Review (New York)

My GRE private tutoring sessions with Ian were great! Ian was friendly, personal and good-natured. He took any frustrations I may have had on the chin and was willing to humor my thought process at all turns. The formatting--the layout of formula to examples to shortcuts to practice was very effective and allowed me to internalize the information presented quickly and retain it long after the lesson. Thanks Ian!


Online GRE Student Review (Philadelphia | Pennsylvania)

My GRE Verbal instructor Darci was great. I got a great score on my exam and overall my experience with Manhattan Elite Prep was excellent. Both the Manhattan Elite Prep staff and my tutor Darci were great and very friendly. All of the GRE Verbal exam topics were well-covered in our sessions and Darci always came very well prepared. Thanks Darci! 

-Erin H. 

Online GRE Student Review (Phoenix | Arizona)

Hello! I wanted to write to thank you for the excellent tutoring experience I received. I recently took my exam (GRE) and received a score that exceeded my expectations. I am including a review below for the tutoring services, specifically for my experience with George. I would be happy if you'd like to use it for promotional purposes. Thanks again for the excellent service you provided me!

-Hannah F.

I can't recommend Manhattan Elite Prep private tutoring highly enough! I had a very short amount of time to improve my GRE scores by a pretty significant amount. I was able to set up tutoring quickly and had no trouble scheduling multiple appointments in just a few weeks. My tutor, George, was fantastic! He was thorough, patient, extremely knowledgeable, and a joy to work with. In fact, George taught me a few tricks in my last appointment that he thought I might benefit from in the Quantitative section on the test. He was so right! I am positive that these personalized tricks made the difference in my math score. After looking at a number of private tutoring options, I am very glad I chose Manhattan Elite Prep. In just a few weeks I was able to exceed my goal scores in both sections of the test and I am now in good standing to apply for Clinical Psychology PhD programs. Thank you!

Online GRE Student Review (San Diego | California)

I have only had 1 session with my GRE tutor Deepak but he really helped me attack the GRE questions in an efficient way. He's an excellent tutor who is clearly invested in helping me do well and achieve my GRE prep goals. I appreciated Deepak's approach in our first session. He asked me questions for where I was at and catered to my needs and level of understanding. So far I would rate my GRE prep with Deepak and Manhattan Elite Prep as excellent or a 5 out of 5. Deepak was very well prepared for our first session and it was clear he had a lot of knowledge on the GRE exam.

-Jordan N.

Online GRE Student Review (San Fran)

My GRE Verbal tutor Rebecca was great! She was on time and on point and always provided materials that were very helpful to work with! I really enjoyed her teaching style and definitely felt hat the sessions were of great benefit to my GRE preparation. Rebecca was always able to answer any questions I had and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand.

-Sarah H.

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