Meeting Room / Classroom Rental


Need a classroom or meeting room space?

Our spaces are ideal for seminars, classes, workshops, presentations, and professional gatherings such as attorney depositions and legal meetings. We're conveniently located in Central Midtown. Evening and weekend hours are available. Weekday daytime hours are unavailable.  

Rooms are available in a variety of dimensions. Our larger conference rooms feature full AV hookup with large Plasma displays.  All rooms come with complimentary wireless internet access.


Payment Process:

- Cash only. Credit card can be accepted on special requests.

- The entire rental fee is due upfront at the time of reservation.

- We will provide an invoice which details the terms of the agreement.

- No refunds will be given.

- Any changes in schedule will be accommodated based on our best efforts without guarantee.

- Each change will incur a fee of 20% of the rental fee previously due.

- Deposit is required and will be refunded within 2 business days of the room use if the room after your use is in the same condition as prior to your use other than the garbage. Any stains on any of our furnishings will incur a reduction from the deposit.


Additional Notes:

- Manhattan Elite Prep staff will be present at all times during your use unless you are notified otherwise.

- No water or snacks will be included in your rental fee. Please let us know the number of water bottles and snacks if you would like to have them arranged and paid for in advance.


Contact Us:

Please call or email us at for more information regarding rates and availability. If you have a specific budget or received another quote already, do let us know the details and we will do our best to accommodate you. In your email, please answer the following questions to the best of your ability: 

- What company do you work for? Please give us a brief description.

- What type of event do you plan to host at our venue?

- How many people do you expect? Days and hours? Room setup?

- Any special requirements such as food, beverage, computers, electrical outlets, etc?

- When do you want to set up an appointment to tour our facility? Please give us a few available options for our scheduling flexibility.


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