SAT Subject Tests Tutoring (In-Person & Online)

There are twenty different SAT Subject Tests (formerly referred to as the SAT II) for students to showcase their skills in individual areas of academics. The possible subjects for these one-hour long, multiple-choice exams include: History, Mathematics, Science and Literature. High scores on SAT Subject Test examinations can be the added edge for a high school student to get accepted their college of choice. In addition, many collegiate institutions are now requiring student’s to provide scores on SAT Subject Tests for admittance into specific programs.

The SAT Subject Test tutors at Manhattan Elite Prep are experienced in preparing students for each and every area of these important exams. Our tutors will help you to devise various multiple choice answering strategies, depending on the specific question type and topic. Whether providing overviews of the different possible SAT Subject Exams that are offered, teaching updated study approaches or assisting students with plans for test day (e.g. pacing methods); our tutors will assist students in every step of the process!

In addition, each SAT Subject Test tutors will be matched to the individual student based on his or her specific learning style and ability. Our tutors will tailor the instruction to your student to best assist him or her by capitalizing on his or her areas of strength and focusing on strategies to overcome his or her weakness areas. To ensure that you receive the highest score possible, study here with the best at Manhattan Elite Prep! For more information on our tutoring, please contact us at

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