GMAT Test Section Overview

The GMAT Includes the Following Test Sections:

Quantitative Section Verbal Section Essay/Integration Reasoning
•Problem Solving •Sentence Correction •Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)
•Data Sufficiency •Critical Reasoning •Integrated Reasoning
•Reading Comprehension

•Each section requires its own specific strategy, but you may apply some techniques to all sections.

GMAT Test Scores Distribution Snapshot - Total Score

GMAT Total Score Distribution Chart

•Scaled scores of 750 out of 800 on the combined test generally correspond to the 99th percentile.

•680 out of 800 corresponds to the 85th percentile.

GMAT Section Comparison

Section # of Quest. Time Allowed Details Score Range Score Interval Official Score Report (within 20 days of test day) Unofficial Score Report (right after the test)
GMAT Essay (AWA) 1 30 min • Analysis of an Argument (30 min., 1 topic) 0 - 6 0.5 Yes No; Scored Separately
GMAT Integrated Reasoning 12 30 min • Multi-Source Reasoning • Table Analysis • Graphics Interpretation • Two-Part Analysis 1 - 8 1 Yes No; Scored Separately
Optional 8 Minute Break
GMAT Quantitative 31 62 min • Problem Solving (17-18 questions) • Data Sufficiency (13-14 questions) 6 - 51 1; scores below 7 and above 50 are very rare Yes Yes
Optional 8 Minute Break
GMAT Verbal 36 65 min • Critical Reasoning (9-10 questions) • Sentence Correction (12-13 quest.) • Reading Comprehension (4 passages, 13-14 questions) 6 - 51 1; scores below 9 and above 44 are very rare Yes Yes
Total 1 AWA; 12 IR; 67 Multiple-choices 3.5 hours (approx.) N/A 200-800 10; scaled from Verbal and Quantitative sub-scores Yes Yes

Please note that not all of the verbal and quantitative questions are scored. In the Verbal section, approximately 30 of the 36 questions are scored, and in the quantitative section, approximately 28 of the 31 questions are scored. The un-scored "experimental" questions are there for the purpose of gauging results for future tests. Within the quantitative section, the different types of math questions are intermixed.

An Analysis of an Argument essay will appear in the AWA section.