Why Should College Students Pay Attention to Their MBTI Personality Type?

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Why Discovering Your Specific Personality Type Will help you Maximize Your Learning Potential in College

The transition from high school to college can often be very difficult, particularly in the classroom.  College professors are more demanding and offer fewer opportunities for individual instruction; deadlines aren’t negotiable; term papers require more research and depth; lecture tests cover more detail-specific topics and group projects are very time-intensive.

By taking a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Personality Test, you can learn your exact personality type, which will help you better prepare for tests and become more successful in your College classrooms.  There are eight different personality types and by knowing and reading about your specific personality type, you will learn tactics on how to become more efficient and a better student in College.

Knowing your specific personality type and under what circumstances you produce the highest quality of work puts you at a substantial advantage academically. As you take different classes and have professors with different teaching styles throughout your academic career, you have to take different steps to adjust and become a better student. Knowing your specific personality trait will guide you to taking these steps.

Why a Degree in Business or Marketing May Be Right for Extroverts

Extroverts need interaction. They are known for talking and being very active. Consequently, they have trouble settling down and listening. Extraverts perform best when they are given sufficient time to think things through. They benefit the most from group discussion and studying with colleagues. I recommend extroverts study business or marketing because of the class’ emphasis on group presentations and case study analysis, which is typically done through group discussion.

A Career in Research May Be the Best Fit for an Introverted Personality Type

Introverts are very independent people who prefer inner reflection and socializing once they have thought things through entirely. They are very complex people and won’t speak without being educated first. They learn best through quiet, independent study. They need sufficient time to complete tasks and answer questions. Introverts are often uncomfortable in discussion groups and hesitant to speak in class. A career in research is well suited for introverts, as it will allow them to pursue their interests through quiet, independent study. Larger lecture classes will appeal more to introverts where they won’t have to worry about being called on or working on group projects.

Are you a Sensing Personality Type? – Why Med School May be the Perfect Path for You

Sensing people rely heavily on their five senses to take in information. They are concerned with what is real and tangible. They emphasize details, and consequently sometimes miss the big picture. They focus on concrete facts, are good at memorization, and are best at tasks that call for carefulness. Sensing types prefer hands-on activities and learn best when material is tied in with “real life” situations. Taking the MCAT and pursuing a career in medicine may be well suited for a sensing individual, who is able to master many details and prefers hands-on activity.

Why Entrepreneurship May Be the Best Path for Intuitive Personality Types

Intuitive people try to connect the dots. They seek out patterns and relationships among the facts they have gathered. They focus on the future and the big picture. They are creative, innovative, and work with bursts of energy. Intuitive people act too quickly sometimes, resulting in them missing certain instructions. They learn best when given the opportunity to be inventive and original. Based on these observations, I would recommend studying entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are able to see the larger picture and are known for being inventive and original.

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