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Given George’s wealth of teaching experience and test taking skills, it is no surprise that students leave his course feeling enlightened. He has long been seen as a stalwart in the GMAT classroom and in recent years has expanded his teaching bracket to include GRE, SAT, TOEFL, and most recently LSAT.

With the next LSAT exam date rapidly approaching are offering a special 7-week long course in NYC starting Tuesday 10/16. In addition to the NYC long course students from different cities can take advantage of George’ s expertise—he scored a 172 (the 99th percentile)—in his Sunday online long course.

Want a piece of the action? Email us to learn about special offers on courses taught by George. Or better yet, request to join one of his course sessions as a free viewer.

How does George rank amongst his students? See what Jin had to say about her session last week.

Student Feedback Form – George S. for LSAT Long Course Online on 10 07  2012
– Jin N.

City of Study: New York
Country: US
Course / Service Type: LSAT Long Course
In-Person or Online: Online
Month: 10
Day: 07
Year: 2012
Name of Instructor: George S.
How would you rate this course overall?: 5 (excellent)
What did you like or dislike about the course/instructor? Very clear presentation; attentive to each student
Were all topics & material well-covered? Yes
How would you rate the course material? 3 (average)
Was appropriate time allocated to each topic? 5 (excellent time allocation)
How would you rate our administrative support?: 3 (average)
How would you rate your instructor overall?: 5 (excellent)
How would you rate your instructor in each of the following areas:
Clarity: 5 (excellent)
Speaking Volume: 5 (excellent)
Teaching Ability: 5 (excellent)
Preparedness: 5 (excellent)
Knowledge of Subject: 5 (excellent)
Responsiveness to Questions: 5 (excellent)
Accuracy: 5 (excellent)
Facilitation of Discussion: 4

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