San Diego’s Most Valuable Teacher…

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Meet San Diego’s MVT, Peter K.


Peter K. is one of Manhattan Elite Prep’s most sought after and experienced So-Cal instructors. A Boston College graduate and top scorer himself, Peter earned a 790 on the GMAT and a 179 on the LSAT. He has worked as a senior instructor for leading test-prep firms and has a solid grasp on the evolving strategies necessary to succeed the exam.  In the classroom Peter’s vast experience enables him to illustrate the material effectively to a diverse array of individuals. When working with students in tutoring and private course settings Peter tailors the content of each session to the needs of the student.

Whether he is tutoring a student 1-on-1 under an umbrella at the UCSD campus, or leading a group course our new state of the art venue in downtown San Diego, Peter’s goal remains the same—to help young individuals achieve academic success. Peter is such an effective instructor that we have gone out of our way to schedule courses around football games to keep him happy.

Tip of the Day:

“Quantity of practice is obviously important– all else being equal, of course it’s better to do a lot of practice than to do a little.  But quality is more important than quantity.  You’re better off doing less practice, but doing it the right way, than doing more, but doing it the wrong way.  Talk to me about how to get the most return on your valuable study time.”


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