Pittsburgh’s Most Valuable Teacher…

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Meet Pittsburgh’s MVT, Bill R.


Bill R. brings that special combination of superior test taking skills and teaching experience to his students. He graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in electrical engineering and earned his MBA from the University of Pittsburgh.  Since then he has held many teaching posts, from high school to university levels—and always finds time to quiz his kids around the kitchen able.

To Bill, beating the exam is like winning a game. In his classroom, private courses and tutoring sessions he presents the problems like puzzles and provides strategies to help his students find quick solutions. Usually it is when the students forget that they are working that they are able to enjoy the learning process and achieve success.

Recent Testimonial

“BILL WAS GREAT IN THE MATH and I will highly recommend him for that service. My daughter’s GRE math tutoring score was raised by 300 points.” – Cathy G., GRE Tutoring  in Pittsburgh

Tip of the Day:

To become good at math, you must practice, practice, practice. When you are done, then practice some more. (Any good athlete will tell you the same.)


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