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Meet Austin’s MVT, Craig R.

GMAT, GRE, SAT, TOEFL, & Admissions Consulting

When he isn’t watching X File reruns, teaching courses, or reviewing admissions essays Craig is uncovering new ways to crack the GMAT. He is single-handedly responsible for getting GMAT to remove a sentence correction question because there was not an indisputable correct answer. As a course instructor and private tutor, Craig will simplify the steps to succeeding on exam day.

Craig has always had a passion for teaching and has been tutoring since his freshman year in college. He lived in Paris and has a knack for languages, fluent in French and Spanish, and versed in countless others. Closer to home, he has taught English to business executives in Omaha, Nebraska and has advised business owners and delivered seminars. In Austin he is currently the branch office manager for a translation company. He holds an MBA in International Marketing from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. With an effective teaching style full of care and patience, Craig has become one of the most popular tutors at Manhattan Elite Prep.

Recent Testimonial

“Great course! Instructor was personable and patient. Elicited feedback from all students, which was nice.” Maria W., Austin GMAT Long Course

Tip of the Day – Sentence Correction

“Wordy or long-winded ways of expressing thoughts are often not the best means of expression. Sometimes

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