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Here is a collection of our blog posts about all things related to the application process and admissions consulting. Many of our students have found these tips and pieces of advice to be very helpful, and we hope that you do too! You can read more on all of our other Manhattan Elite Prep Blog posts for admissions and general test prep tips.

College Admissions Blog Posts I

  • Undergraduate Tuition – College Scholarships
  • College Admission Major Recent Trends

College Admissions Blog Posts II

  • Choosing Your Perfect College – What to Consider:
  • Getting Accepted – What Are Colleges Looking For?

MBA Admissions Blog Posts

  • The History of MBA Programs 
  • 5 Tips for Getting into Business School
  • Tips for Applying to Business School – The MBA Market
  • Step-by-Step Guide to an MBA (Part 1) 
  • Step-by-Step Guide to an MBA (Part 2)
  • Your B-School Resume
  • MBA Interview Preparation
  • Getting Scholarships for Business School
  • MBA Admissions Consulting — What It Is and Why You Need It
  • The Reign of the MBA Admissions Consultant
  • Visiting B-Schools In Person: Two Case Studies

MBA Admissions Blog Posts II

  • MBA Application Essays - Another Piece of the Puzzle  
  • Rejection and Reapplication
  • Waitlist & Reapplication Strategy 
  • Reapplying to Business School 
  • You’ve Been Rejected. Now What?! 
  • You’ve Been Wait-listed. Now What?
  • Don’t Business Schools Know I’m BUSY?
  • Online MBA: The Good News and The Bad

Graduate Program Admissions Posts

Graduate Program Admissions Posts II

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