TiasNimbas Business School Overview

The TiasNimbas Business School offers a one-year full-time International MBA at it's main campus in Tilburg, Netherlands. The full-time MBA program focuses on expanding the knowledge of the students while also building upon their leadership skills.

Snapshot of TiasNimbas Business School MBA Program

The faculty at TiasNimbas provides innovative methods in the classroom in order to further engage students in the curriculum. The vast majority of the professors and lecturers have had extensive real life experience in the business world, prior to joining the program's staff.

The TiasNimbas curriculum is unique in the way that it incorporates both academic and personal growth for its participants. The faculty and administration work hard to prepare MBA students for the challenges that can occur in the global economy, such as a major recession.


MBA Application Elements - TiasNimbas Business School

The average GMAT score in recent years has been approximately 620.

Interviews are required of all applicants, and can occur either in person or over the phone.

Two recommendations are required; the Admissions Committee strongly prefers that these come from professional sources.

  1. What prompted you to decide to follow the TiasNimbas-Bradford MBA Programme?
  2. What do you expect to gain professionally from the TiasNimbas-Bradford MBA Programme and how will this be applied to your career?
  3. What can you contribute by means of your particular skills and expertise to the participants of the TiasNimbas-Bradford MBA Programme?
  4. What do you expect to gain personally from the TiasNimbas-Bradford MBA Programme?
  5. What are your leisure interests and hobbies?
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