HEC Montreal Business School Overview

Introduction of Business School & MBA Program

HEC Montreal is one of Canada's leading business schools. HEC's Montreal campus has three international accreditations, in addition to many Canadian accreditations. This MBA program consistently ranks among the top in the world.

Snapshot of HEC Montreal MBA Program

Six-Week Sessions

HEC Montreal offers six-week sessions in place of semesters, in an effort to be more efficient and capitalize on time. There are four phases, counting for a total of 57 credits. Three of the phases are part of the core curriculum, while one of the phases allows students to focus on a particular specialty.

Multifaceted Pedagogical Approach

Computer simulations, role-playing, discussions, case students, and guest speakers form part of the course structure at HEC Montreal. From the beginning of the MBA Program, students are exposed to business management simulations. Students also have the option of consulting for actual businesses as part of their training.


MBA Application Components - HEC Montreal Business School

MBA Application - Work Experience

Three years of work experience is required for the full-time MBA program. For the EMBA program, a minimum of ten years of work experience with five years in management positions is required.

Interviewing at HEC - Montreal

For the MBA program, certain candidates may be invited for an interview, but it is uncertain whether or not interviews are required. For the EMBA program, interviews are required.

Letters of Recommendation

Two letters of recommendation are required of all applicants.

Admission Review - GMAT Score

The average GMAT score for recently admitted students was roughly in the range of 630-650.

Application Essays at HEC - Montreal

Examples of essay prompts previously used by HEC Montreal:

  1. Describe yourself, emphasizing your strengths and weaknesses and the major influences that have shaped your personality.
  2. How can an MBA from HEC Montreal help you achieve your career goals?
  3. Besides work, what passions are you driven by?
  4. Describe a personal accomplishment you are proud of and explain the part you played in it.

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Ethnic/Cultural Background

  • European
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  • East Asian
  • South Asian
  • African
  • Oceanian

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