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Our Oklahoma City TOEFL instructor has his Masters Degree in Management, Science and Engineering from Lehigh University. In addition to tutoring TOEFL and ESL students, he also works with GMAT students: He scored a 740 on his GMAT exam. He previously worked in Risk Management and as a Financial Analyst.

Recent TOEFL Student Success (Oklahoma City | Oklahoma)

Ms. Lilia is a fantastic and talented TOEFL teacher and would love to continue my TOEFL classes with her.


Recent Admissions Student Success for TOEFL Students

"Tom was my Admissions consultant and I wanted to show my gratitude.  He showed a great understanding of what I wanted to convey vs. the admissions office's expectations, proved to be efficient and very prompt at coming back to me, correcting my essays, commenting on my answers. As an international student applying to US schools, I highly recommend his services."

- Nathalie

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TOEFL Prep Courses at a Glance

TOEFL Prep Long Course:

  • 6-8 weeks, 28 hours
  • Typical Class Time: 6:30-10:00pm on Weekdays, 2-6:30pm on Weekends
  • Included for Free: Unlimited Class Access, Online Library, Digital Guides Collection
  • Free Admissions Consultation
  • Promotional prices available with 14-day advance payment

TOEFL Prep Intensive Course:

  • 1 week, 28 hours, 7 sessions
  • Typical Class Time: 6:30-10:00pm on Weekdays, daytime on Weekends, typically starts on Saturdays only
  • Included for Free: Unlimited Class Access, Online Library, Digital Guides Collection
  • Free Admissions Consultation
  • Promotional prices available with 14-day advance payment
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Upcoming TOEFL Prep Long Courses (Unlimited Access, Books, Online Library)

Long Course Summary: 1) 6-8 weeks, 28 hours; 2) Typical Class Time: 6:30-10:00pm on Weekdays, 2-6:30pm on Weekends; 3) Included for Free: Unlimited Class Access, Online Library, Digital Guides Collection, Free Admissions Consultation; 4) Promotional prices available with advance payment.

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Saturday Long Courses*

May 21-Jun 25 (2016-05-21-Long-SATDY)
May 28-Jul 2 (2016-05-28-Long-SATDY)
Jun 4-Jul 9 (2016-06-04-Long-SATDY)
Jun 11-Jul 16 (2016-06-11-Long-SATDY)

Sunday Long Courses*

May 22-Jun 26 (2016-05-22-Long-SUN)
May 29-Jul 3 (2016-05-29-Long-SUN)
Jun 5-Jul 10 (2016-06-05-Long-SUN)
Jun 12-Jul 17 (2016-06-12-Long-SUN)

Tuesday Long Courses*

May 17-Jul 5 (2016-05-17-Long-TUE)
May 24-Jul 12 (2016-05-24-Long-TUE)
May 31-Jul 19 (2016-05-31-Long-TUE)
Jun 7-Jul 26 (2016-06-07-Long-TUE)

Wednesday Long Course*

May 18-Jul 6 (2016-05-18-Long-WED)
May 25-Jul 13 (2016-05-25-Long-WED)
Jun 1-Jul 20 (2016-06-01-Long-WED)
Jun 8-Jul 27 (2016-06-08-Long-WED)

Thursday Long Courses*

May 19-Jul 7 (2016-05-19-Long-THURS)
May 26-Jul 14 (2016-05-26-Long-THURS)
Jun 2-Jul 21 (2016-06-02-Long-THURS)
Jun 9-Jul 28 (2016-06-09-Long-THURS)


TOEFL Prep Intensive Courses (Unlimited Access, Books, Online Library)

Intensive Course Summary: 1 week, 28 hours, 7 sessions; Typical Class Time: 6:30-10:00pm on Weekdays, during daytime on Weekends; Typically starts on Saturdays only.

Summary: 1) Included for Free: Unlimited Class Access, Online Library, Digital Guides Collection, Free Admissions Consultation; 2) Promotional prices available with advance payment.

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Intensive Courses*

May 7-May 13 (2016-05-07-Intensive-SATDY)
May 14-May 20 (2016-05-14-Intensive-SATDY)
May 21-May 27 (2016-05-21-Intensive-SATDY)
May 28-Jun 3 (2016-05-28-Intensive-SATDY)

Manhattan Elite Prep TOEFL Prep Courses & Private Sessions Comparison

Intensive Course Long Course Private Course Private Tutoring Online Library / Self Study
Student Preferences 1) Limited study time; 2) Flexibility to take a week off 1) 2 months study time; 2) Steady study pace 1) Customized instruction; 2) Flexible schedule 1) Help on specific test sections; 2) 1-on-1 instruction 1) Independent Study; 2) Strategy & tips via live recordings
Format In-Person/Online In-Person/Online In-Person/Online In-Person/Online Online
Hours 28 24 20 2+ 50+
Cost* $1399 $975 US/Canada: $1580; Int'l:$1980 Elite Pack (10+hr):$200/hr Advance Pack (10+hr):$75/hr Basic Pack (<10hr):$85/hr; Int'l: $125/hr $150; $250
Course Duration 1 Week 8 Weeks Personalized Personalized On Demand
Local Class Time (Except Online Classes, EST) Weekdays, 6:30-10PM;Weekends, during day Long Courses: Weekdays, 6:30-10PM; Weekends, 2-6:30PM Personalized Personalized On Demand

*Promotional price is available with advance payment during check-out process on the payment page. No coupon code needed. Digital study materials included with purchase; extra fee applies for printed books.

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Recent Admissions Success For TOEFL Students

"I am having an extremely wonderful time working with Tom, who is assigned to work with my wife and I on our applications. I am also highly impressed with Tom's knowledge, skills, attitude, and initiatives."

- Prashant

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TOEFL Oklahoma City - Location - Address, Directions & Google Map

Manhattan Elite Prep - Oklahoma City | Oklahoma Tentative Venue

Embassy Suites Oklahoma City - Will Rogers World Airport
1815 South Meridian

Oklahoma City, OK 73108

Tel: (405) 445-3975



TOEFL Preparation Course Pack & Material

Manhattan Elite Prep's Advantages

TOEFL Prep Time Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness

  • The most limiting factor in TOEFL preparation for people is time.
  • Our preparation is tailored for busy professionals. We will teach you what you need to know in the least amount of time.
  • It takes significantly more teaching experience and techniques to prepare a student in less time.
  • Our high-quality and dedicated instructors are committed to helping every student reach her/his goals

Covered Topics by Our Unique TOEFL Prep

Basic Skill Building & Training

1. TOEFL Prep Vocabulary List: Basic – Advanced levels

  • Noun/Verb/Adjective/More; Phrases; Idioms; Synonyms/Antonyms

2. Perfect your English mastery

  • Grammar Basics & Advanced Applications
  • Articles and Prepositions

3. Improve your Speaking & Listening scores

  • Phonetics Review; Accent Analysis

Real-Time Exercise & Feedback

  • Passages from Major Newspapers
  • Recordings from News Channels
  • Real Problems from Past Tests
  • Focused TOEFL Prep Test Topics & Integrated Exercise

Most Value-Added TOEFL Prep Course Pack

  • Our Better Score Guarantee: Unlimited Class Repeats and Advice
  • Free Access to 50+ hours of TOEFL Prep Online Library
  • Official Guide to the TOEFL & Turbocharge Your TOEFL: Integrated Study Guide (proprietary study materials)
  • US$200 study with friends/refer a friend: $100 for each
  • Student Discount to Private Tutoring & Admissions Help
  • Unlimited Support via Email, Chat & Phone

TOEFL Prep Course Materials

  • Turbocharge Your TOEFL Integrated Study Guide 

  • Access to Digital TOEFL Prep Practice Tests

TOEFL Prep Course Overview

  • Mix of lectures and exercises in each session; ample time allotted for answering sample questions and receiving personalized attention from the instructors  
  • Structured to benefit both novice and expert test-takers
  • In-depth analyses of successful strategies to arrive at correct solutions
  • Self-contained sessions; join our courses at any time; unlimited class access (in-person and or online live courses)

TOEFL Prep Course Schedule

Session 1: Session 4:
(1) Reading - Vocabulary, inferences and selecting summary information; (1) Speaking 2 – Information processing, viewpoint formation, topic development, language use and delivery;
(2) Listening 1- Comprehension and connecting information (2) Writing 2 – Test-taking strategies; taking notes while reading and listening
Session 2: Session 5:
(1) Reading 2 - Test-taking strategies (1) Practice Test – Reading; (2) Practice Test Review – Reading
(2) Listening 2 - Test-taking strategies (3) Practice Test – Listening; (4) Practice Test Review – Listening
Session 3: Session 6:
(1) Speaking 1 – Free choice and paired choice responses (1) Practice Test – Speaking; (2) Practice Test Review – Speaking
(2) Writing 1 – Brainstorming, writing cohesive introductions and supporting paragraphs, strong conclusion, reviewing grammar and punctuation. (3) Practice Test – Writing; (4) Practice Test Review – Writing

About Manhattan Elite Prep

  • 10+ years helping students at all levels achieve top scores
  • Passionate & experienced instructors who scored in the 99th percentile
  • Proven track record getting applicants into dream schools
  • Staff includes former admissions committee members at Ivy League universities and Business Schools