Mandarin Chinese Courses & Tutoring Overview


Mandarin Chinese is often referred to as Traditional Chinese and Northern dialect, because the language has almost one billion native speakers (more than any other language) and it is spoken across the Northern Region of China. Mandarin contains over 10,000 characters that can be challenging to master in writing and remembering. In addition, Mandarin has 400 spoken monosyllables, which makes distinguishing the 10,000 words a very complex process. Learning the nuances of Mandarin can often be confusing for a student who has never studied the language before. However, our Mandarin instructors and tutors will suggest and attempt a number of different teaching methods, to discern which avenue of study will foster the best results. Our experienced Mandarin instructors and tutors are skilled in teaching phonology rules, character meaning and the system of four tones to assist students in learning the language. The Mandarin instructors and tutors will also focus on sentence structure, grammar, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing, pronunciation, and more! By studying these various components, any student will be able to communicate within the Mandarin language in no time.

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