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The French language is one of the most eloquent romantic languages in the world. French accents and the subtle, nuanced pronunciation that underlines its diction is pleasing to the ear and can allegedly sweep a young woman off of her feet. Yet, mastering a complex language such as French may not come easily to a novice student. Becoming fluent in the French language could take extra efforts and hard studying. We here at Manhattan Elite Prep will help you to become proficient in speaking, writing, reading and understanding French.

The French instructors and tutors at Manhattan Elite Prep will be covering a wide range of topics in order to help the student receive a full understanding of the root and mechanics of the language. Our tutors will be focusing on French vocabulary, sentence structure, grammar, listening comprehension, reading comprehension, writing and pronunciation. The experienced French instructors and tutors at Manhattan Elite Prep will also teach students tricks and tips of enunciation, articulation and delivery. All the key areas of succeeding within the French language will be covered by our professional tutors.

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