GRE Preparation Course Pack & Material

Manhattan Elite Prep's Advantages

GRE Prep Time Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness

  • The most limiting factor in GRE preparation for people is time.
  • Our preparation is tailored for busy professionals. We will teach you what you need to know in the least amount of time.
  • It takes significantly more teaching experience and techniques to prepare a student in less time.
  • Our high-quality and dedicated instructors are committed to helping every student reach her/his goals

GRE Prep Materials

  • Well-illustrated and professionally presented strategies and exclusive problems for both the Verbal Section and the Quantitative Section
  • Detailed solutions
  • Internally developed Quantitative and Verbal vocabulary list with detailed definitions, related words and sentence examples
  • Five Challenging Online Computer Adaptive Tests
  • ETS’s The Official GRE Study Guide complete with 7 real exams
  • Real ETS Official Guide questions; Comprehensive Class Handouts
  • After-class GRE Prep Home Study Guide

Most Value-Added GRE Prep Course Pack

  • Our Better Score Guarantee: Unlimited Online Class Repeats and Advice
  • Free Access to 100+ hours of GRE Prep Online Library
  • US$200 study with friends/refer a friend: $100 for each
  • Student Discount to Private Tutoring & Admissions Help
  • Unlimited Support via Email, Chat & Phone

GRE Preparation - All Locations

GRE Test Prep Class & GRE Preparation Courses

Based in New York City (NYC), Manhattan Elite Prep offers GRE test prep classes and tutoring services. We also have expert teachers for all major GRE sections including Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Geometry, Probability and Combinatorics. With locations on the East Coast, from Boston (MA) to Miami (FL), to cities on the West Coast, such as San Diego (CA)Los Angeles (CA)San Jose (CA) and San Francisco (CA), Manhattan Elite Prep has instructors in almost every major city in the United States.

Our GRE teachers help students achieve their best score in test preparation classes throughout the country, from our Dallas (TX)Houston (TX) and Austin (TX) locations in Texas (TX), to our Chicago (IL)Cincinnati (OH)Columbus (OH) and Indianapolis (IN) locations. We offer test prep courses for the GRE, among other tests, in cities away from the major metro areas, such as Louisville (KY)St. Louis (MO)Salt Lake City (UT)Oklahoma City (OK) and Kansas City (KS).

GRE test prep students pursuing a GRE class in Jacksonville (FL), New Orleans (LA), and West Palm Beach (WPB), we allow for maximum flexibility by providing them with immediate and unlimited access to our online library. For GRE students, test preparation courses can be difficult to find in places such as Las Vegas (NV) and Providence (RI), so we are always sure to have GRE instructors available at affordable rates.

We know that certain regions attract different types of professionals. If you are engaged in a high-paced work environment with limited time to study, in places such as Denver (CO)Irvine (LA) and Charlotte (NC), GRE one-week intensive courses offer a comprehensive overview of the GRE exam. Similarly, in places such as College Park (MD)Washington DCMinneapolis (MN)New Brunswick (NJ) and Philadelphia (PA), our GRE multi-week Long Courses are designed to reflect the college student's schedule. In short, from Orlando (FL) to Portland, and every city in between, our GRE course and tutoring preparation options can cater to any student's needs and requirements.

Our GRE test prep teachers in international locations such as London (UK), Munich (DE), Frankfurt (DE), Barcelona (ES), Toronto (CA), Berlin (DE), Hong Kong (HK), Singapore (SG) and Amsterdam (NL) leverage on their professional experience and success to help students get the scores they need to get into their top graduate school choices including Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, Stanford, Oxford, INSEAD, IE and more!

In addition, our other GRE test prep locations including Geneva (CH), Paris (FR), Hamburg (DE) are serviced by some of our top GRE test preparation instructors. In all of our locations, students have the option of either GRE one-on-one personal tuition or GRE classroom preparation courses, whether it is in Madrid (ES) or Barcelona (ES), Hong Kong (HK) or Singapore (SG), or any other major city in the world. In the United Kingdom, our experienced GRE test prep instructors ensure top scores for students in London (UK), Cambridge (UK), and Oxford (UK) in both personal one-on-one private tutoring and in GRE test preparation classroom courses. Additionally, we have personal tutors for GRE test prep on hand in all major cities in Italy (ES), including Rome (IT) or Milan (IT). No matter where you are in the world, if it is in a major city, Manhattan Elite Prep will help you get in to your dream school!

Past students have been accepted by top graduate schools around the world Employees from BCG, Bain Capital, McKinsey, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, L'Oreal, Proctor & Gamble and others regularly choose Manhattan Elite Prep to help them realize their potential on the GRE.

US Cities

  Arizona Phoenix GRE            
  California Irvine GRE Los Angeles GRE San Diego GRE San Francisco GRE Santa Cruz GRE Santa Monica GRE San Jose GRE
    Woodland Hills GRE            
  Colorado Denver GRE            
  Connecticut Hartford GRE New Haven GRE Stamford GRE        
  District of Columbia Washington, DC GRE            
  Florida Miami GRE Jacksonville GRE Orlando GRE Tampa GRE West Palm Beach GRE    
  Georgia Atlanta GRE            
  Kentucky Louisville GRE            
  Illinois Chicago GRE            
  Indiana Indianapolis GRE            
  Louisiana New Orleans GRE            
  Maryland College Park GRE Baltimore GRE          
  Massachusetts Boston GRE            
  Michigan Ann Arbor GRE            
  Minnesota Minneapolis GRE            
  Missouri Kansas City GRE St. Louis GRE          
  Nevada Las Vegas GRE            
  New Jersey New Brunswick GRE            
  New York New York GRE            
  North Carolina Charlotte GRE Raleigh GRE          
  Ohio Cincinnati GRE Columbus GRE          
  Oklahoma Oklahoma City GRE            
  Oregon Portland GRE            
  Pennsylvania Philadelphia GRE Pittsburgh GRE          
  Rhode Island Providence GRE            
  Texas Austin GRE Dallas GRE Houston GRE        
  Utah Salt Lake City GRE            
  Washington Seattle GRE            

International Cities

  Australia Sydney GRE Melbourne GRE          
  Austria Graz GRE Innsbruck GRE Linz GRE Vienna GRE      
  Belgium Antwerp GRE Brussels GRE Ghent GRE        
  Canada Calgary GRE Edmonton GRE Montreal GRE Ottawa GRE Toronto GRE Vancouver GRE Winnipeg GRE
  Czech Republic Prague GRE            
  Denmark Copenhagen GRE Aarhus GRE Odense GRE        
  Finland Helsinki GRE Tampere GRE          
  France Paris GRE Lyon GRE Marseilles GRE        
  Germany Berlin GRE Hamburg GRE Frankfurt GRE Munich GRE Cologne GRE Dresden GRE Leipzig GRE
    Dusseldorf GRE Heidelberg GRE Stuttgart GRE        
  Hong Kong Hong Kong GRE            
  Indonesia Jakarta GRE            
  Ireland Dublin GRE            
  Italy Florence GRE Milan GRE Naples GRE Rome GRE Venice GRE    
  Kuwait Kuwait City GRE            
  Luxembourg Luxembourg GRE            
  Malaysia Kuala Lumpur GRE            
  The Netherlands Rotterdam GRE Amsterdam GRE          
  New Zealand Auckland GRE Wellington GRE          
  Norway Oslo GRE Bergen GRE          
  Portugal Lisbon GRE Porto GRE Coimbra GRE        
  Qatar Doha GRE            
  Saudi Arabia Dhahran GRE Riyadh GRE          
  Singapore Singapore GRE            
  South Africa Cape Town GRE Durban GRE Pretoria GRE Johannesburg GRE Port Elizabeth GRE    
  Spain Barcelona GRE Granada GRE Madrid GRE Sevilla GRE Valencia GRE    
  Sweden Stockholm GRE            
  Switzerland Geneva GRE Zurich GRE Bern GRE Lausanne GRE St. Gallen GRE    
  Thailand Bangkok GRE            
  Taiwan Taipei City GRE            
  Turkey Adana GRE Istanbul GRE          
  United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi GRE Dubai GRE          
  United Kingdom Birmingham GRE Cambridge GRE Edinburgh GRE Glasgow GRE London GRE Manchester GRE Oxford GRE