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Recent GRE Student Success (Atlanta | Georgia)

"I paid for a tutor named Sourjo to help me prepare for the GRE.  I am very pleased to say he was well worth the money. He worked right beside me showing me and teaching me the steps to use to approach each math question I might encounter.  We spent time going throught the book and the online test using the CAT codes.  He honestly knows how to do all the math questions.  Most of the time he had a faster was to approach the problem which in the long run saved me time during the test.  He worked well with my availability and was very open to how I wanted to learn.  He took the time to see what my weaknesses were and how to address those issues.  He also gave me advice on remembering formulas, special triangles, and how to plug in a value using the term ZONEF as the guide line for all variables.  I did increase my math score beacuse of his help."
- Jaclyn

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Upcoming GRE Prep Long Courses (Unlimited Class Access, Books, Online Library)

Long Course Summary: 1) 6-8 weeks, 28 hours; 2) Typical Class Time: 6:30-10:00pm on Weekdays, 2-6:30pm on Weekends; 3) Included for Free: Unlimited Class Access, Online Library, Digital Guides Collection, Free Admissions Consultation; 4) Promotional prices available with advance payment.

*Instructor Bios, Location Info and more Course Details found below. Please register via the corresponding form on this page.

Saturday Long Courses*

Apr 19-May 24 (2014-04-19-Long-SATDY)
Apr 26-May 31 (2014-04-26-Long-SATDY)
May 3-Jun 7 (2014-05-03-Long-SATDY)
May 10-Jun 14 (2014-05-10-Long-SATDY)
May 17-Jun 21 (2014-05-17-Long-SATDY)

Sunday Long Courses*

Apr 20-May 25 (2014-04-20-Long-SUN)
Apr 27-Jun 1 (2014-04-27-Long-SUN)
May 4-Jun 8 (2014-05-04-Long-SUN)
May 11-Jun 15 (2014-05-11-Long-SUN)
May 18-Jun 22 (2014-05-18-Long-SUN)

Tuesday Long Courses*

Apr 22-Jun 10 (2014-04-22-Long-TUE)
Apr 29-Jun 17 (2014-04-29-Long-TUE)
May 6-Jun 24 (2014-05-06-Long-TUE)
May 13-Jul 1 (2014-05-13-Long-TUE)
May 20-Jul 8 (2014-05-20-Long-TUE)

Wednesday Long Course*

Apr 23-Jun 11 (2014-04-23-Long-WED)
Apr 30-Jun 18 (2014-04-30-Long-WED)
May 7-Jun 25 (2014-05-07-Long-WED)
May 14-Jul 2 (2014-05-14-Long-WED)
May 21-Jul 9 (2014-05-21-Long-WED)

Thursday Long Courses*

Apr 24-Jun 12 (2014-04-24-Long-THURS)
May 1-Jun 19 (2014-05-01-Long-THURS)
May 8-Jun 26 (2014-05-08-Long-THURS)
May 15-Jul 3 (2014-05-15-Long-THURS)
May 22-Jul 10 (2014-05-22-Long-THURS)


GRE Prep Intensive + Crash Courses (Unlimited Access, Books, Online Library)

Crash Course Summary: 1 Weekend, 16 hours, 2 sessions; Typical Class Time: 9am-1pm, 2-6pm (Sat & Sun)

Intensive Course Summary: 1 week, 28 hours, 7 sessions; Typical Class Time: 6:30-10:00pm on Weekdays, during daytime on Weekends; Typically starts on Saturdays only.

Summary: 1) Included for Free: Unlimited Class Access, Online Library, Digital Guides Collection, Free Admissions Consultation; 2) Promotional prices available with advance payment.

*Instructor Bios, Location Info and more Course Details found below. Please register via the corresponding form on this page.

Intensive Courses*

Apr 19-Apr 25 (2014-04-19-Intensive-SATDY)
Apr 26-May 2 (2014-04-26-Intensive-SATDY)
May 3-May 9 (2014-05-03-Intensive-SATDY)
May 10-May 16 (2014-05-10-Intensive-SATDY)

Crash Courses*

Apr 19 & Apr 20 (2014-04-19-Crash-SATDY)
Apr 26 & Apr 27 (2014-04-26-Crash-SATDY)
May 3 & May 4 (2014-05-03-Crash-SATDY)
May 10 & May 11 (2014-05-10-Crash-SATDY)


Manhattan Elite Prep GRE Prep Courses & Private Sessions Comparison

  Long Course Intensive Course Crash Course Online Long & Intensive Courses Private Course Private Tutoring Online Library / Self Study  
1) 2 months study time;

2) Steady study pace
1) Limited study time;

2) Flexibility to take a week off
1) Very limited study time;

2) Comprehensive review over a weekend
1) No travel;

2) Study on computer to simulate real test
1) Customized instruction;

2) Flexible schedule
1) Help on specific test sections;

2) 1-on-1 instruction
1) Study alone;

2) Strategy & tips via live recordings
Format In-Person In-Person In-Person Online In-Person/Online In-Person/Online Online  
Hours 28 28 16 28 12 2+ 300+  
Cost* US/Canada:$1199

$1650 $950 $899; $1650 $1580 Elite (>10 hrs.):$200/hr


$450; $650  
Course Duration 6-8 Weeks 1 Week 1 Weekend 8 weeks; 1 week Personalized Personalized On Demand  
Local Class Time (Except Online Classes) Weekdays, 6:30-10 PM;
Weekends, 2-6:30 PM
Weekdays, 6:30-10 PM;
Weekend, all-day
Weekends, 9AM-1PM, 2PM-6PM (EST) Long Course: Saturdays, 10-1:30PM;
Sundays, 12-3:30PM;
Intensive:6:30-10PM Weekdays;
Weekends, all-day
Personalized Personalized On Demand  

*Promotional price is available with advance payment during check-out process on the payment page. No coupon code needed. Digital study materials included with purchase; extra fee applies for printed books.

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Recent Grad School Admissions Student Success

"My experience with Tom was extremely positive, and I ended up getting accepted to all three schools that I applied to (with scholarship/fellowship offers to Minnesota and Boston College). I would highly recommend using Tom’s services to anyone, as he seems to have a strong passion for Admissions Consulting. Tom helped ease my nerves about the Admissions process, and ended up being a crucial asset for my application process. Also, I like that he is very upfront and honest when dealing with students (at least in my experience with him). I feel that Tom can help with applications to pretty much any type of graduate program, he seems to generally know what any kind of program would want to see in a candidate."

To register and make payments for our Admissions Consultation Services, please visit our Admissions Consulting Page.

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Featured Instructors - GRE Atlanta

Featured Atlanta Instructor Bio

Donna is one of the most excellent tutors working at Manhattan Elite Prep. She attended the University of Wisconsin where she double-majored in Math and Psychology, then continued to receive her M.S. in Architecture from their prestigious program. She received special training at the Integrated Mathematics for Colorado Schools, where she developed a Cognitive Tutor computer program for Algebra 1. Earning an 800 on the GRE Math, she is ready to impart to her students the skills she used to allow her to succeed.

Featured Atlanta Instructor Bio

Sourjo has 3 years of tutoring experience specializing in standardized tests including ACT, SAT, TOEFL, GRE and GMAT. Sourjo believes in tutoring students in a fun atmosphere. He has also taught high school classes in English, Math, and Physics and is skilled in teaching classes of up to 20 students, as well as private one-on-one sessions. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science from Georgia State University.


GRE Atlanta - Location - Address, Directions & Google Map


Embassy Suites - Buckhead:
Embassy Suites Atlanta – Buckhead
3285 Peachtree Road NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30305
Tel: 1-800-890-2650


GRE Preparation Course Pack & Material

Manhattan Elite Prep's Advantages

GRE Prep Time Efficiency & Cost Effectiveness

  • The most limiting factor in GRE preparation for people is time.
  • Our preparation is tailored for busy professionals. We will teach you what you need to know in the least amount of time.
  • It takes significantly more teaching experience and techniques to prepare a student in less time.
  • Our high-quality and dedicated instructors are committed to helping every student reach her/his goals

GRE Prep Materials

  • Well-illustrated and professionally presented strategies and exclusive problems for both the Verbal Section and the Quantitative Section
  • Detailed solutions
  • Internally developed Quantitative and Verbal vocabulary list with detailed definitions, related words and sentence examples
  • Five Challenging Online Computer Adaptive Tests
  • ETS’s The Official GRE Study Guide complete with 7 real exams
  • Real ETS Official Guide questions; Comprehensive Class Handouts
  • After-class GRE Prep Home Study Guide

Most Value-Added GRE Prep Course Pack

  • Our Better Score Guarantee: Unlimited Online Class Repeats and Advice
  • Free Access to 100+ hours of GRE Prep Online Library
  • US$200 study with friends/refer a friend: $100 for each
  • Student Discount to Private Tutoring & Admissions Help
  • Unlimited Support via Email, Chat & Phone

GRE Prep Course Overview

  • Mix of lectures and exercises in each session; ample time allotted for answering sample questions and receiving personalized attention from the instructors  
  • Structured to benefit both novice and expert test-takers
  • In-depth analyses of successful strategies to arrive at correct solutions
  • Self-contained sessions; join our courses at any time; unlimited class access (in-person and or online live courses)

GRE Prep Course Schedule

GRE 6/7-Session (Long or Intensive Courses)

  • Arithmetic; Statistics; Algebra; Word Problems
  • Geometry pt.1 - Angles & Polygons & Coordinates; Graphs & Data Analysis
  • Geometry pt. 2 - Circles & 3D Figures; Probability & Combinatorics
  • GRE Vocabulary A-L; Reading Comprehension
  • GRE Vocabulary M-Z; Text Completion
  • Sentence Equivalence; Analytical Writing
  • Review Session (for intensive course)

    GRE 8-Session (Long or Crash Courses)

    • Arithmetic; Statistics
    • Algebra; Word Problems
    • Geometry pt. 1 - Angles & Polygons & Coordinates; Graphs & Data Analysis
    • Geometry pt. 2 - Circles & 3D Figures; Probability & Combinatorics
    • Reading Comprehension
    • GRE Vocabulary
    • Text Completion
    • Sentence Equivalence; Analytical Writing

    About Manhattan Elite Prep

    • 10+ years helping students at all levels achieve top scores
    • Passionate & experienced instructors who scored in the 99th percentile
    • Proven track record getting applicants into dream schools
    • Staff includes former admissions committee members at Ivy League universities and Business Schools