Why GMAT Prep Students Should Pay Attention to Their MBTI Personality Type?

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Thinking Types Vs. Feeling Types

Thinking types are thought to be better at some tasks that require logical analysis, while feeling types are better at tasks that require understanding of human relations.

Jung used “judging” to describe the polarity of thinking-feeling dimensions, which reflects an individual’s preference between two different types of judgment. Feeling types usually value harmony and human relationships in their judgments. They make decisions subjectively with a consideration of society’s values.

On the other hand, Jung (1971) designated “thinking” as an opposite function to “feeling.” In contrast to feeling types, thinking types emphasize logic and objectivity in reasoning. This preference suppresses values and uses impersonal feelings in decision-making (Spoto).

Judging Types Vs. Perceiving Types

Judging types perform better on applications; such as college, business school or, grad school applications, which are thought to be related to higher grades; while perceiving types outperform judging types on aptitude measures.

Judging and perceiving refer to the process a person uses in dealing with the outer world. A judging type is well organized, systematic, and orderly and has a planned way of life, while a perception type is spontaneous, receptive, and understanding and has a flexible way of life.

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